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(Adopted on 16 December 1991)

Chapter 1 General Principles

Article 1.This Association is hereby named the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits. It is a social organization incorporated.

Article 2.The purpose of this Association is to promote exchanges and relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits with a view to realizing the peaceful reunification of the motherland.

Article 3.To fulfill the above-mentioned purpose, this Association is dedicated to:

1. Strengthening contacts and cooperation with all social organizations and personages from all walks of life who endorse the purpose of this Association.

2. Assisting the relevant institutions and organizations in facilitating the contacts and exchanges between the two sides of the Straits; and

3. Assisting the relevant institutions and organizations in handling the problems arising from the contacts between the compatriots lf the two sides lf the Straits and safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests.

Article 4.This Association shall, entrusted by the relevant institutions and organizations, enter into discussion with the relevant departments and authorized organizations or personages of Taiwan on questions arising from contacts between the two sides of the Straits, and conclude with them appropriate documents of agreement.

Article 5.This Association is located in Beijing.

Chapter 2 Organizational Structure

Article 6.The highest organ of this Association is its Council. The is composed of members appointed through recommendation by and consultation among different circles of the society and the relevant institutions and organizations. A Council member shall serve a term of three years and may be reappointed.

Article 7.This Association has a Chairman, an Executive Vice-Chairman, a number of Vice-Chairmen and a Secretary-General.

This Association shall engage Honorary Chairmen.

This Association shall engage Advisors.

Article 8.The Council exercises the following functions: to deliberate the annual report on the work of the Association; to amend the Charter; to deliberate the budget and final accounts; to elect the Chairman, Executive Vice-Chairman and Vice-Chairmen; to engage the Honorary Chairmen; to engage the Advisors; to decide on the appointment and removal of Council members; and to decide on the choice of the Secretary-General upon the recommendation of the Chairman.

Article 9.The Council shall meet in a plenary session once a year. It may meet extemporaneously if the Chairman or the Executive Vice-chairman deems if necessary, or if more than one third of the Council members so recommend.

Article 10.The adoption of any decision by the Council requires a simple majority of the Council members present at the meeting.

Article 11.The Executive Board, composed of the Chairman, the Executive Vice-Chairman, the Vice-Chairmen and the Secretary-General, shall serve as the permanent executive body of the Council.

The Executive Board performs the following functions: to call the meetings of the Council, to appoint or remove Council members and submit such decisions to the Council for subsequent deliberation and endorsement; to engage advisors and submit such decisions for subsequent Council deliberation and endorsement; and to decide on the choices of the deputy secretaries-general upon the recommendation of the Secretary-General.

Article 12.The Chairman directs the word of this Association, and the Executive Vice-Chairman in his work. The Executive Vice-Chairman in his work. The Executive Vice-Chairman presides over the day-to-day operations of the Association.

Article 13.This Association is represented by its Chairman, Executive Vice-Chairman and Vice-Chairmen. With the authorization of the Executive Board, Council members may handle certain specific matters on behalf of the Association.

Article 14.This Association may set up a member of operative bodies whenever necessary.

Chapter 3 Funds

Article 15.The funds of this Association shall com from the following sources: nongovernmental contributions and donations; government financial assistance; proceeds from consulting services and other legitimate incomes.

Article 16.The income and expenditure of this Association are subject to supervision of the Council.

Chapter 4 Supplementary Articles

Article 17.The dissolution of this Association shall go through appropriate legal procedures.

Article 18.The Charter of this Association shall inter into force as of its adoption by the plenary session of the Council.

Article 19.The Charter of this Association shall be amended by a two third majority of members of the Council present at its plenary session to be convened with a quorum of three fourth of the membership.

Article 20.This Charter Shall be interpreted by the Executive Board of the Association.