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Lien Chan Calls for Right View of History

  Lien Chan, the honorary chairman of the Chinese Kuomintang Party (KMT), has called on the people to have a right view of history, saying only by looking at history correctly can one correctly look into the future.

  "We can tolerate our past enemies but can never forget them, therefore we must have a correct understanding of history," Lien said in a recent interview with the "Oriental Horizon" of China Central Television.

  The interview was carried out when


  marked the 60th anniversary of the Chinese people's war of resistance against Japanese aggression and the world anti-fascist war.

  Lien's grandfather moved to the mainland after


  was ceded to


  in 1895. Recalling his childhood during the war of resistance against Japanese aggression in northwest


  , he said the bombing of Japanese planes was "too fierce and cruel."

  "The July 7 Incident in 1937 was a unprompted and self-conscious rebellion of the whole Chinese nation against Japanese aggression. I believe it was a history of struggle of the entire nation, which is of a historical significance to today's


  in particular," he said.

  It was a war participated by the whole nation. Both the KMT and the Communist Party of China played a part, not for a certain party but for the Chinese nation, noted Lien. "Therefore we must have a broad and lofty vision."

  "I think the way we are going is a right one," he said.

  Regarding the recent commemorative activities held by the KMT Central Committee and Lien himself, he said the KMT has the responsibility to highlight the history though it is currently an opposition party.

  It is especially so when the


  authorities obviously and deliberately avoid the historical connection of


  and the mainland.

  The Chinese people love peace. Even in the century of foreign invasions and wars, the Chinese people kept struggling for the future, Lien said.

  "There is no word to describe or value their sacrifice and experience of drifting away from home, but we should memorize the history today and let our children know there were such people who did such things in that time," he said.

  "Recalling history and looking into the future, I hope the country and the nation will never be bullied by others. Therefore prosperity and peace is the goal we should pursue. We must seek peace and development through peaceful coexistence and cooperation and share prosperity in the future. I believe it is the grand common aspiration of our nation," said Lien.

  (Xinhua News AgencySeptember 5, 2005)