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Beijing companies buy Taiwan farm produce at exhibit for 700,000 yuan

  BEIJING, June 28 (Xinhua) -- A group of 29 Beijing companies bought up all the farm produce on offer from central Taiwan at an exhibit Sunday, valued at 700,000 yuan (102,447 U.S. dollars).

  The companies, including supermarkets, chain restaurants and online sellers, also agreed with the exhibitors to hold Taiwan fruit festivals, tea sales and food festivals in Beijing.

  Some companies also promised to regularly stock Taiwan fruit and rice.

  The group tour to the exhibition was organized by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce (BMCC) and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Beijing Municipal Government.

  Yan Xiaoyan, deputy director of the BMCC, said the commission would promote sales of Taiwan farm produce in Beijing, where there was strong consumer demand for such food.

  Direct air links between the mainland and Taiwan have made it easier and cheaper to ship perishable items such as fruit.

  The two-day event concluded Sunday.