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Summit for cross-Strait entrepreneurs slated for Taipei in 2014

NANJING, Nov. 6 (Xinhua) - The 2014 Zijinshan Summit for Entrepreneurs across the Taiwan Strait will be held in Taipei in the second half of next year, a statement at the concluding ceremony of the 2013 Zijinshan Summit announced on Tuesday.

A total of 24 exchange and cooperation memoranda and projects were signed by businessmen from the mainland and Taiwan at this year's summit, and a proposal was issued calling for joint efforts for closer cooperation.

The proposal appealed for both sides to integrate resources, expand cooperative industries and create common markets in order to boost mutual prosperity.

At a sub-forum of the summit, pacts were signed to grant investment of more than 4.3 billion yuan (704.8 million U.S. dollars) to the mainland.

The business summit, first held in 2008, is dedicated to providing a platform for cross-Strait entrepreneurs to seek opportunities for common development. This year marks the first "upgraded" annual meeting after the mainland and Taiwan each set up councils of the Zijinshan Summit.