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Mainland spokeswoman comments on ties with Taiwan's DPP

BEIJING, April 25 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese mainland is willing to respond positively to any moves the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Taiwan's major opposition party, makes to abandon its "Taiwan independence" stance, a Chinese mainland spokeswoman said Wednesday.

Fan Liqing, spokeswoman for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, made the remarks at a routine press conference when asked to comment on the latest "active cross-Strait policies" outlined by Su Tseng-chang and Hsu Hsin-liang, candidates for the position of DPP chairman.

Fan said the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations is in the interests of people from both sides, especially the Taiwan compatriots, while "Taiwan independence" is in no one's interests and bound to come to a dead end -- a concept the mainland hopes Taiwan clearly understands.

The mainland has made repeated allegations that the DPP's "Taiwan independence" stance has been the major element blocking the party's communications with the mainland, Fan said, adding that DPP members, particularly those at the grassroots level, are welcome to visit the mainland.

High-ranking DPP officials could also make visits to the mainland with proper identification, said the spokeswoman.