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Mainland stresses one-China principle on cross-Strait affairs

BEIJING, Dec. 14 -- The Chinese mainland will contact or interact with Taiwan only if they accept the "1992 Consensus" endorsing the one-China principle, an official said Wednesday.

An Fengshan, spokesman for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, said at a press conference that as long as both parties agree on the "core meaning" of the 1992 Consensus, cross-Strait exchanges will continue.

An referred to the one-China principle as the fundamental political basis of cross-Strait relations, adding that the mainland holds a clear and steadfast stance on it.

During the briefing, An also responded to suggestions that the mainland and Taiwan could jointly commemorate the Chinese people's war against Japanese aggression (1937-1945).

The war was fought by all Chinese people, including Taiwan compatriots, and all made tremendous sacrifices, he said.

"Memorial activities held by cross-Strait compatriots will help us remember history and carry forward the national spirit demonstrated during the war," An said.

An also said such activities would help both sides to oppose behavior splitting national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and promote the peaceful development of cross-Strait ties and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.